Iglidur filament, for sliding applications

Igus is a well known actor in the area of cable holders made of polymers, flexible cables for energy guidance, technical plastic pads… Igus has wished to make benefits of its skills to the service of 3D printing by creating the iglidur filament. This new material, available in 1.75mm and 3mm, enables every FFF 3D printer owner to produce sliding and friction  custom made parts.

Exemple de pièces en Iglidur (non imprimées)

Iglidur filament, a small revolution ?

Iglidur filament creates new perspectives for 3D printing. Iglidur parts are often used in industrial area. Some 3D printers are even equiped with it, which is the case of the K8400 from Velleman. With the iglidur filament in 250g spool, it becomes possible to modelise your own customized bearings and then print them. Beyond the bearings, it’s now possible to make your own friction pads or anything else that would need good sliding properties.

Iglidur is a tribo-filament. It is a material developped by Igus, made of special polymers and auto-lubricating agents that enables the production of very resistant to sliding and friction parts.

Its unique properties gives it a huge resistance to abrasion: as the manufacturer says, iglidur is a 50 times more resistant than classic 3D printing materials.

Iglidur printing

About printing, iglidur parameters are close to the ABS’s ones. You will have to pay attention to the link between the layers, which might be delicate.
250°C will be necessary to the hot-end. 90-100°C at the buildplate. You might have to use BuildTak to.


Spool :

  • Diameter : 200 mm
  • Center hole diameter : 55 mm
  • Width : 54 mm

iglidur® I180-PF technical specifications :

  • Hot-end : 220 – 250 °C
  • Bed : 90 – 110 °C
  • Density : 1.21 g/cm3
  • Shore D : 66
  • Saturation with moisture absorption at 23°C / 50% r. h. : 0.3 weight %
  • Saturation with water : 0,9 weight %
  • Flexural modulus: : 1000 MPa
  • Flexural strength : 44 MPa

Thermal Properties :

  • Highest long term service temperature : 80°C
  • Highest short term service temperature : 90°C
  • Highest short term ambient temperature : 105°C
  • Lowest service temperature: -40°C

Electrical Properties :

  • Specific volume resistivity  : > 10^12 Ω / cm
  • Surface resistivity  : > 10^11 Ω

STL files :

simple 8 mm bearing

8 mm bearing with base

iglidur pad 15 mm

pad support

full iglidur part 15 mm


Patin imprimé sur BuildTak avec un Brim

Patin imprimé sur BuildTak avec un Brim


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