A new way to use flexible filament

filament-flexible-3dprintFew months ago, flexible filament appeared in the 3D printing market. It was a small revolution… A lot of new applications came,  such as printing soles, thongs , tires … Printed objects can be stretched , twisted, etc, they resume their original shapes.

In our workshop, we realized that it was possible to take advantage of flexible filament properties to make modular objects ! We will tell you more in this article.

filament-flexible-modularYes ! This is the same part, printed with a standard FFF 3d printer. This part was printed in the most simple way (set apart a step …), with a standard flexible filament. Strange,  no ? How is it possible?

With flexible filament , it is possible to print objects resuming their original shape. Our object here, does not resume his original shape, it keeps the shape that we gave him. It is because we added a simple thin metal rod in the whole length.

During the 3D conception, we programmed this combination of materials : we made a central furrow in the whole length of the part, excepting the ends.

The printing was paused in the middle, then we added the metal rod. The print restarted and closed the whole. Now, the rod is integral part of the object.



At the end of the printing, our object is a real modular object : we can give it the shape we want, the object will keep it.

Of course, this is an example with a very simple object. But, this « proof of concept » shows you a new application of 3d printing. Now, what will you create using this method ?

Want to try it ? Here is STL file

the thin metal rod

the thin metal rod


The furrow

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